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Lead by example (pun intended) and save the oceans with this sustainable dog lead. Made from recycled fishing nets, it’s waterproof, non-stink, strong & durable.

This handcrafted dog lead was once an unwanted fishing net bound to be lost in our oceans for decades to come… just waiting to entangle and kill marine life. Tangle have put a stop to that.

Tangle has paired rust-resistant metal and a soft padded cork handle to make this lead sturdy and reliable. Balance style, sustainability and function with Tangle. 

After the nets are collected and recycled, they braid and cut each lead to size in their workshop. Sewn by hand, the chocolate brown cork makes for a soft handle that looks and feels gorgeous. The clever O-ring allows you to clip the lead over your shoulder when your dog’s running free, hallelujah.

The nets in this lead were built for the high seas making it waterproof, non-stink, strong & durable. By purchasing, you’re actively supporting the recycling of old nets and removing them from harm's way.


We ship to the UK only. We offer free shipping on orders over £75.00. You can collect direct from us within 48-hours at The Dogg Shop Minster. Please bring a receipt of your purchase & check opening hours prior to visiting.
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