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PetGear Puppy Starter Pack

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This Dog Grooming Kit For Puppies is the ideal starter set for all new dog parents.

This set includes three essential dog grooming products to help distribute the natural oils from the skin, producing a healthy, shiny coat. It is recommended that brushing several times a week is recommended for most dogs and if this is started from a young age, it can create a special time which is looked forward to by both owner and dog. This Dog Grooming Kit for Puppies is suitable for all breeds of dogs and different types of coats. The Palm Brush is a flexible brush which is the ideal bathing aid, and can be used to lather up shampoo and massage in. The rubber dimples are great to gently massage the skin and effectively remove any dead and loose hairs. The Ball Pin Brush helps to reduce any tangles, knots and matted hair as well as fluffing the coat. And finally the Flea Comb effectively removes any fleas, lice and eggs from pets.

  • Flexible palm brush removes dead/loose hairs
  • Ball Pin Brush reduces tangles, knots & matted hair
  • Flea Comb removes fleas, lice & eggs from dogs
  • Ideal Puppy Grooming Starter Set
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PetGear Puppy Starter Pack
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