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Doodlebone Muzzle

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Doodlebone Muzzles are designed with breathable Airmesh fabric, so it doesn't hurt your dog's mouth when in use. The muzzles are a soft & safe solution for dogs that are nervous in public; or for helping to control whilst still allowing your dog to breathe, pant and drink without restriction. The easy on-off plastic side release buckle allows for peace of mind when out on your walks.

A great fitting muzzle ensures the safest and best fit for your dog, the adjustable straps provide the ultimate comfort for your dog with reflective piping ensures your dog is easily visible during those early morning or late-night walks.

These muzzles are machine washable to keep your muzzle in great condition 

Important things to remember when seeing a dog in a muzzle. There are many reasons a dog may be wearing a muzzle; they are safe and suitable for all dogs. The dog may be recovering from a painful injury; the dog may get nervous or to help with bad chewing habits, they might be anxious or prevent biting.

Things to remember when using a muzzle:

  • Proper fit of the muzzle is very important! Make sure you purchase the right size and style muzzle for your dog. It should be well-fitted and comfortable for your dog, allowing for panting and ideally drinking water and eating treats.
  • Create a positive association with your dog to their muzzle. Go slow and introduce it in a fun way. Make it fun!
  • Always use a muzzle in combination with training
  • A muzzle is to be used for short periods of time, and only when your dog is supervised.
  • Behavioural problems like barking and chewing is where a muzzle should be used
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Doodlebone Muzzle
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