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DogsLife Dental Spray

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Introducing OurDogsLife Dog Dental Spray – your solution for maintaining optimal canine oral health. The advanced formula, enriched with Hypochlorous, tackles plaque and tartar build-up while providing a breath-freshening solution.

Keep your furry friend's smile healthy and odor-free with this revolutionary dog teeth cleaning spray.

The advanced formula not only kills 99.99% of bacteria, serving as an Antiseptic and Antiviral agent, but also effectively removes plaque and tartar build up.


• Hypochlorous Power: Our dental spray harnesses the natural cleaning power of Hypochlorous to effectively remove plaque and tartar, promoting overall dental health.
• Dog Breath Freshener: Say goodbye to bad breath! Our formula deodorizes and freshens your dog's breath, ensuring a more pleasant experience for both you and your canine companion.
• Gentle Teeth Cleaning: Specially crafted for gentle and effective teeth cleaning, OurDogsLife Dental Spray is suitable for puppies and adult dogs, supporting a lifetime of oral care.
• Pet Oral Care Solution: Beyond plaque removal, our dental spray contributes to comprehensive pet oral care, addressing various dental concerns for a healthier mouth.
• Versatile Use: Ideal for all breeds, our dental spray provides a convenient and versatile solution to maintain your dog's oral hygiene at home.

• Kills 99.99% Bacteria
• Removes Plaque & Tartar Build up
• Deodorises Odours
• Clinically Tested

How to use

Simply spray directly into your dogs mouth, focusing on the gum line and teeth. For best results, use daily, ideally before bedtime. Additionally, the spray can be applied to your dog's dental toys, chews and even their water bowl to promote overall oral health.

We ship to the UK only. We offer free shipping on orders over £75.00. You can collect direct from us within 48-hours at The Dogg Shop Minster. Please bring a receipt of your purchase & check opening hours prior to visiting.
DogsLife Dental Spray
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